Commonwealth Women’s Forum Programme, Malta. Source: Flickr

About Us

CBWN is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC) in the United Kingdom, funded and powered by women, for women, of the Commonwealth. CBWN is operated by an Executive Team supported by an International Advisory Board, CBWN Platform Founders’ Circle and Ground Partners. Together, we bring a diverse range of experience and insights working with women to encourage and enable women and girls economic empowerment and leadership potential.

Two of the key areas that set CBWN apart from other women’s organisations is our convening power and the access which our accredited status provides us, to engage and influence policy-makers through participation in Commonwealth Ministerial meetings. In the last 36 months, CBWN has put more women in front of more government officials than any other organisation including Ministers of Women’s Affairs, Trade, IT, Law, Youth, Education, Health and Heads of Government with representatives self-funding their participation.

Why we are

We believe that it’s worth investing in the elimination of inequalities across the Commonwealth because they continue to persist: Women hold 10% of the world’s wealth but they have just 1% of the property right. The world’s women represent 39% of world employment but only 27% of managerial positions. Women purchase 80% of the world’s goods but women-owned businesses win less than 1% of procurement contracts from governments and businesses. Not right. Not fair. Not now.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eliminate inequalities across the Commonwealth creating an inclusive Commonwealth where every woman and girl have a voice, choice, and independence to create. At the heart of what we do is harnessing the power and potential of women in business from Commonwealth countries. We are breaking down gender barriers. We are change agents committed to gender equality and systemic change.

A Global Voice

CBWN is the key to a world of possibilities throughout the Commonwealth. We are an accredited organisation recognised by 54 governments across six continents, committed to advancing the Commonwealth Charter and Global Goal 5. This enables us to advocate up to the highest levels and promote inclusiveness. We connect through a network of Ground Partners to influence policy, legislation, and to engage with CBWN’s global and national priorities across the world. We work with women in business to encourage and enable women’s economic empowerment and leadership potential.