Take Action. Laws in many countries restrict women’s economic opportunities which in turn hinders economic growth. Our advocacy focuses on persistent inequalities like when women hold 10% of the world’s wealth but have just 1% of the property rights. Not right. Not fair. Not smart. We believe in lifelong education for women and girls at all levels to enable them to apply their knowledge and skills in leadership and decision making.

CBWN’s advocacy is informed by our experiences and we give you the power to create the change you want to see.

Want to be a part of steady change knowing that (as a CBWN advocate) you have access to our resources and expertise to contribute to formal submissions and arguments that create lasting change?

Commonwealth Women’s Forum 2015 Inauguration Ceremony. Source: Flikr

How we support Advocates


Access tools and resources to help you advocate and learn from other country experiences that can be used to develop local community initiatives.


Advocacy is key to advancing women’s human rights and through ‘ real-time learning’ we show you how to act, advocate, and impact, policy


Our status allows CBWN to engage and influence policy-makers. We present our ideas and evidence at key ministerial meetings and at our own curated events and roundtable discussions with High Commissioners and others.