Entrepreneurs & Associations

We need more successful, growth-oriented start-ups and associations with access to entrepreneurs to fuel innovation across the Commonwealth. Supporting female-led businesses offers opportunities to develop a Commonwealth ecosystem and CBWN is creating new connections and collaborations to facilitate innovation, accelerate opportunities and expand into new markets.

We provide the tools for women to take action and create greater visibility that brings together aspiring female entrepreneurs and mentors to accelerate trade amongst the 54 Commonwealth economies.

Everything we do is about helping women unlock their power.

CHOGM UK, Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Awards Night, 2018.

How we support Entrepreneurs


Showcase your profile, enterprise , experiences, live initiatives, milestones and achievements.

Growth and Develop

Access support tools, links to training programs and mentorship initiatives.


Search and apply for trade events , grant programs , funding schemes, mentorship initiatives and collaboration opportunities.